Director’s Loan Account

As a business owner, there may be times when you need to borrow money from your Limited Company. Regardless if you need it for a new car, or you want to put a deposit down on a house, a Director's [...]

Trivial Benefits

There will be occasions when you may wish to provide small gifts to employees, or even treat yourself as the director.  In this guide, we will explain to you what can be claimed and how much, whilst making the most [...]

IR35 in the private sector: draft legislation

IR35 in the private sector – where do we currently stand with the changes? We’re starting to get asked more “what is going to happen from April 2020?”… Now that the draft legislation has been issued, we can start to [...]

Tax Planning for 2019-2020

So, it’s a new tax year and new increased rates for 2019/20. In this article, we show you how this works in practical terms.

Budget Day March 2017

I have to admit as Hammond started to deliver his Budget Speech, I was anxiously waiting to see what announcements he would make that would impact the contractor and small business industry. However it seems I need not worry this [...]

Official launch of Aardvark Accounting

Aardvark Accounting has been launched so that clients can focus on what they do best, whilst giving them the support to make the most out of being in business.

Setting up a Limited Company

Are you thinking of setting up a Limited company, and you're not sure where to start? No problem, Aardvark Accounting can help. This guide will help you to understand what a Limited Company is and what setting one up involves, [...]

Business expenses through a Limited Company

As a Limited Company, you will incur a number of expenses whilst running your business. To help, we have created a short and informative guide to get you started on commonly claimed expenses as a Limited Company. Understanding how reclaiming [...]

Paying a salary through a Limited Company

How do I pay salaries through my company? This is the easy part, it’s simply a payment from the business bank account to the personal account of your employees. You need to make sure the payment that made is net [...]

Making Tax Digital

HMRC will be introducing a new initiative to move all personal and business tax online – Making Tax Digital (MTD).