We’re a small but perfectly formed team of contractor accounting experts, ready and waiting to help you with all your accounting needs.

We work from our offices in Ringwood on the edge of the beautiful New Forest and have a stunning view of a local nature reserve from our offices window. It’s full of bird life and makes sense of the name of our road – Duck Island Lane!

Our services are all provided over the phone, Zoom and email, and we look after clients across the UK, so although we’d love to meet you in person, there’s really no need.

We love welcoming new clients to Aardvark – it’s easy to join and we’re easy to work with. We won’t flummox you with jargon and you can ask us anything. So give us a call and let’s talk – we’re all ears.

AlbertTeam Mascot
Albert is the team mascot and was named after Einstein since he’s so clever! He loves helping people, doing Sudoku and inventing things. Never seen without his calculator, Albert always has a smile on his face and makes a great cup of tea.
LouisaClient Director
Louisa Drewett, has been working in accountancy, specifically with contractors and small businesses for over 10 years. She will go the extra mile to make sure you are on the right track and to understand what you want to get out of your business. In her spare time, Louisa can be found out walking with her dog, joining up to some fitness crazy challenge or scheduling the next city break away.
Ryan graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2015 and has worked in the financial services sector ever since. He enjoys working with clients to ensure they make the most of their limited company and to help them understand the facts and figures that come with the financial accounts. In his spare time Ryan enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports – in particular football, tennis and table tennis.
Danielle joined Aardvark Accounting in April 2019 having previously studied Accountancy at Bournemouth and Poole College and has recently started studying towards her AAT qualification. In her spare time Danielle enjoys teaching gymnastics and seeing new places.
ZohaibClient Manager
Zohaib graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2015 and has been working in accountancy ever since. He enjoys working closely with small businesses and training clients in the implementation and use of online accounting software. He is currently working towards the final stages of his ACCA qualification. In his spare time he enjoys keeping up to date with sports, specifically boxing.
David has worked in a variety of roles in Accountancy since 2013, mostly specialising in VAT. He enjoys helping clients get the most out of their businesses and navigate the ever-changing world of tax law. He is also a theatre producer and co-runs the Bournemouth based company Pests Production.
  • Michael Ewan
    03/10/20 - Google

    Aardvark Accounting have been our accountants for well over twelve months now and I can happily recommend themFar better value... read more

    Will Myddelton
    03/03/20 - Google

    My colleague recommended Aardvark to me when I set up my own limited company for the first time and was... read more

    Tony McCaffery
    03/08/20 - Google

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Aardvark Accounting to any freelancers, contractors, interim workers or SME business owners.The team at Aardvark have... read more

    Sanjeet Matharu
    03/03/20 - Google

    Really helpful and a great service overall. I'm useless at accounting but I get tonnes of constructive help here -... read more

  • James Mugridge
    03/06/20 - Google

    Great accountancy model with helpful staff. Aardvark staff have been on hand through the formation of my company three years... read more

    Naomi Ella Dureau
    03/03/20 - Google

    Great service, knowledgeable, helpful accountants and user friendly accounting software! I highly recommend Aardvark Accounting.

    Jon-Paul Hughes
    03/03/19 - Google

    I've been contracting for over ten years, and have never been happier since I moved to Aardvark. The accountancy... read more

    spencer welch
    03/08/20 - Google

    I can not recommend Aardvark highly enough. Louisa and team provide an incredibly responsive and tailored service. Great value for... read more

  • Louise Boulton
    03/03/20 - Google

    I've been using Aardvark since 2017. When I was looking for an accountancy service I spoke to several possible providers... read more

    Tara Nazare
    03/03/20 - Google

    Lovely bunch of people. I'm glad I used them. I myself was persuaded by Google reviews and I can confirm... read more

    Laszlo Kertesz
    03/03/20 - Google

    Louisa and her team at Aardvark set up my company when I started contracting in IT and has been invaluable... read more

    XSD London
    03/08/20 - Google

    Amazing accountant who work exactly how I like. Everything is digital, they respond to emails quickly, and always have time... read more

  • Mohammed Waiul Kasso
    03/10/20 - Google

    Excellent service, very responsive, always able to answer any questions or requests that I had and always gave me advice... read more

    Anthony Jones
    03/03/18 - Google

    Aardvark Accounting will go the extra mile to make sure you are on the right track and get to understand... read more

    Jan Ming
    03/03/19 - Google

    I am very grateful to Aardvark as they took over from my previous unprofessional and incompetent accountant, yet Aardvark still... read more

    Ray C
    03/10/20 - Google

    Very high degree of customer service, very responsive and helpful, and does everything you need - all at a very... read more

  • Antonios Karamitros
    09/12/20 - Google

    Very glad I chose to use Aardvark for my Ltd.
    They've been extremely helpful and diligent.
    Everything is done on time, with...
    read more

    Jamie Maguire
    03/02/21 - Google

    I used to do my own accounts and after finding myself in a tangled knot of numbers a few years... read more

    Richard H-A
    03/06/20 - Google

    Having been a client for over 2 years, I can honestly say I have been really pleased with their service.... read more

    Jon Cook
    03/03/21 - Google

    I've been with Aardvark since I jumped back into contracting in 2017. The team know the contracting industry inside and... read more

  • Adrian Mitchell
    03/08/20 - Google

    We have been using Aardvark Accounting since 2017 and their service has always been professional and responsive. We found... read more

    lfm10 Consulting
    03/08/20 - Google

    Aardvark Accounting was recommended to me by an acquaintance. Louisa Drewett and her team have done a sterling job providing... read more

    Kim Goddard
    03/03/20 - Google

    Patience of saints and great service. Particular shout out to Diane and Tim for their service!

    Stuart Munro
    03/03/20 - Google

    It's been a pleasure having Aardvark in our corner. Really appreciate all they do for us.

  • Jonas Haefele
    03/08/20 - Google

    I was really nervous signing up for a remote online accountant, rather than an old-school accountant that I can sit... read more

    Luke Morgan
    03/01/21 - Google

    Great personal service, making accountancy and running a business easy! Extremely responsive and an overall pleasant experience with Aardvark Accounting!... read more

    Lucy Wadley
    03/09/20 - Google

    I set-up my limited company with Aardvark who worked very rapidly to help me get started as I was against... read more

    Tom Gallagher
    03/03/20 - Google

    We found Aardvark through the FreeAgent directory and our experience moving over to them was painless. Pricing is upfront and... read more

  • Andrew Easter
    03/03/20 - Google

    As a technology consultant running my own business, I needed an accountancy service that I could rely on to handle... read more

    Owen Smith
    03/03/20 - Google

    Brilliant professional accounting service. They offer help whenever possible and actively go out of their way to accommodate any request... read more

    Andrew Nicoll
    03/03/20 - Google

    Using them has been easy from day one, With quick responses and knowledgable staff they are always able to help... read more

    Yousof El-Sayed
    03/10/20 - Google

    Good accountants, responsive and helpful, quick to aid with any issues

  • Krystina Nellis
    03/03/20 - Google

    I enlisted Aardvark to set up and act as accountants for my first Limited Company as a contractor. From the... read more

    Saijie Sim
    03/09/20 - Google

    I have used Aardvark for just over 2 years and have been pleased with the work done so far. They... read more

    Jon Cook
    03/03/21 - Google

    I've been with Aardvark since I jumped back into contracting in 2017. The team know the contracting industry inside and... read more

    David Willis
    03/03/20 - Google

    Aardvark Accounting offers the best value for money service on the web for contractors managing their own Ltd companies. I... read more

  • Tom Winton
    03/03/20 - Google

    Since joining Aardvark Accounting the service and support has been second to none. Each communication gets a very quick and... read more

    Odysseas Nanousis
    03/01/21 - Google

    Couldn't ask for a better accounting firm for my ltd.Always happy to help, explain any enquiries that you might have... read more

    Luis Pereira
    03/03/20 - Google

    It has been a very rewarding experience to work with Aardvark. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for... read more

    Nick Smith
    03/03/19 - Google

    When you set up as a new company, or a contractor, you suddenly open a door to a world... read more

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