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  • Jon Cook Avatar
    Jon Cook
    03/03/21 - Google

    I've been with Aardvark since I jumped back into contracting in 2017. The team know the contracting industry inside and... read more

    Steve Avatar
    17/02/21 - Google

    Business customer for 3+ years. Great value service - my thanks to all the team!

    Graham B Avatar
    Graham B
    03/02/21 - Google

    Aardvark did the accounts for my Ltd Co while I was a contractor in IT. They always provided excellent service... read more

    Jamie Maguire Avatar
    Jamie Maguire
    03/02/21 - Google

    I used to do my own accounts and after finding myself in a tangled knot of numbers a few years... read more

  • Sue Rowe Avatar
    Sue Rowe
    03/02/21 - Google

    Aardvark offer good value for the services they provide. Freeagent is excellent & easy to use, and the team are... read more

    Angela Barry Avatar
    Angela Barry
    03/02/21 - Google

    The team at Aardvark are excellent. Very responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend.

    Daniel Cotton Avatar
    Daniel Cotton
    03/02/21 - Google

    My experience of Aardvark Accounting has been nothing short of flawless since I began using them for my business and... read more

    Ride London Avatar
    Ride London
    03/01/21 - Google

    I've been with Aardvark for two years now and the service has been consistenly excellent.My experience is that Aardvark are... read more

  • Luke Morgan Avatar
    Luke Morgan
    03/01/21 - Google

    Great personal service, making accountancy and running a business easy! Extremely responsive and an overall pleasant experience with Aardvark Accounting!... read more

    Antonios Karamitros Avatar
    Antonios Karamitros
    03/01/21 - Google

    Very glad I chose to use Aardvark for my Ltd.They've been extremely helpful and diligent.Everything is done on time, with... read more

    Simon Broekhuis Avatar
    Simon Broekhuis
    03/01/21 - Google

    I started my own Limited company in 2016 and started doing my books on my own. Months went by and... read more

    Mark Olliver Avatar
    Mark Olliver
    03/01/21 - Google

    First accountant i have had that answer questions quickly and does not wait until the end of the year to... read more

  • Odysseas Nanousis Avatar
    Odysseas Nanousis
    03/01/21 - Google

    Couldn't ask for a better accounting firm for my ltd.Always happy to help, explain any enquiries that you might have... read more

    Roman Avatar
    03/01/21 - Google

    Great company and top professionals. Louisa and the team have been truly fantastic looking after my ltd accounts while I... read more

    Lewis Knaggs Avatar
    Lewis Knaggs
    26/12/20 - Google

    I am very happy with the service they provide for my ltd business. They always have a friendly manor and... read more

    Roman “RY33” Avatar
    Roman “RY33”
    24/12/20 - Google

    Great company and top professionals. Louisa and the team have been truly fantastic looking after my ltd accounts while I... read more

  • Ride London Avatar
    Ride London
    16/12/20 - Google

    I've been with Aardvark for two years now and the service has been consistenly excellent.

    My experience is that Aardvark are...
    read more

    Odysseas Nanousis Avatar
    Odysseas Nanousis
    11/12/20 - Google

    Couldn't ask for a better accounting firm for my ltd.
    Always happy to help, explain any enquiries that you might have...
    read more

    Antonios Karamitros Avatar
    Antonios Karamitros
    09/12/20 - Google

    Very glad I chose to use Aardvark for my Ltd.
    They've been extremely helpful and diligent.
    Everything is done on time, with...
    read more

    Taiye Ogunnigbo Avatar
    Taiye Ogunnigbo
    03/12/20 - Google

    Been a pleasant experience working with Aardvark for my accounting needs. The team are quick to help with any... read more

  • David Morley Avatar
    David Morley
    03/12/20 - Google

    I have used Aardvark Accounting since 2018 and the service from the whole team has been brilliant throughout. Highly recommend.

    Daniele Murroni Avatar
    Daniele Murroni
    03/12/20 - Google

    I've been using Aardvark Accounting for my ltd company and they were excellent in all the aspect. They were fast... read more

    Carly Bond Avatar
    Carly Bond
    08/11/20 - Google

    Really pleased with the services received from Aardvark Accounting. They are always very responsive to any questions I have (which... read more

    craig mark Avatar
    craig mark
    03/11/20 - Google

    Fantastic accountants, great value , always quick to respond to questions and their use of FreeAgent software makes it very... read more

  • Ray C Avatar
    Ray C
    03/10/20 - Google

    Very high degree of customer service, very responsive and helpful, and does everything you need - all at a very... read more

    Mohammed Waiul Kasso Avatar
    Mohammed Waiul Kasso
    03/10/20 - Google

    Excellent service, very responsive, always able to answer any questions or requests that I had and always gave me advice... read more

    Yousof El-Sayed Avatar
    Yousof El-Sayed
    03/10/20 - Google

    Good accountants, responsive and helpful, quick to aid with any issues

    Michael Ewan Avatar
    Michael Ewan
    03/10/20 - Google

    Aardvark Accounting have been our accountants for well over twelve months now and I can happily recommend themFar better value... read more

  • Simon Betteley Avatar
    Simon Betteley
    03/10/20 - Google

    Have used these guys as my accountants for the last two years. Been more than happy with their service... read more

    Tommaso Gennari Avatar
    Tommaso Gennari
    03/09/20 - Google

    I have started my freelance activity this year and I initially choose them for their value and, at the same... read more

    Saijie Sim Avatar
    Saijie Sim
    03/09/20 - Google

    I have used Aardvark for just over 2 years and have been pleased with the work done so far. They... read more

    Shan Cowell Avatar
    Shan Cowell
    03/09/20 - Google

    Aardvark are the most helpful and attentive accountants we have ever had. Their communication is thorough and rapid.LSK Productions highly... read more

  • Michael Knysok Avatar
    Michael Knysok
    03/09/20 - Google

    We started our company two years ago with big plans and little expertise in running a business. After an initial... read more

    Kevin Penwarden Avatar
    Kevin Penwarden
    03/09/20 - Google

    I have used Aardvark Accounting for a few years now, having switched from a large provider that I felt was... read more

    Lucy Wadley Avatar
    Lucy Wadley
    03/09/20 - Google

    I set-up my limited company with Aardvark who worked very rapidly to help me get started as I was against... read more

    Tony Remmer Avatar
    Tony Remmer
    03/08/20 - Google

    I cannot speak more highly of Louisa and all of the team at Aardvark Accounting. A first class company and... read more

  • spencer welch Avatar
    spencer welch
    03/08/20 - Google

    I can not recommend Aardvark highly enough. Louisa and team provide an incredibly responsive and tailored service. Great value for... read more

    Tony McCaffery Avatar
    Tony McCaffery
    03/08/20 - Google

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Aardvark Accounting to any freelancers, contractors, interim workers or SME business owners.The team at Aardvark have... read more

    Oliver Milne Avatar
    Oliver Milne
    03/08/20 - Google

    As someone who has recently set up a Limited company for the first time, I can highly recommend Aardvark Accounting.... read more

    lfm10 Consulting Avatar
    lfm10 Consulting
    03/08/20 - Google

    Aardvark Accounting was recommended to me by an acquaintance. Louisa Drewett and her team have done a sterling job providing... read more

  • Joe Perkins Avatar
    Joe Perkins
    03/08/20 - Google

    I've been with Aardvark for a little over a year and cannot recommend them enough.I run my own LTD company... read more

    Jonas Haefele Avatar
    Jonas Haefele
    03/08/20 - Google

    I was really nervous signing up for a remote online accountant, rather than an old-school accountant that I can sit... read more

    XSD London Avatar
    XSD London
    03/08/20 - Google

    Amazing accountant who work exactly how I like. Everything is digital, they respond to emails quickly, and always have time... read more

    John Jarvis Avatar
    John Jarvis
    03/08/20 - Google

    This is the second accountancy company that I have used, and they are fab! very competitively priced compared to the... read more

  • Ian Gordon Avatar
    Ian Gordon
    03/08/20 - Google

    I recently decided to go permanent again after 12 years of contracting (mainly due to the new IR35 legislation ☹️)... read more

    Donny Ming Avatar
    Donny Ming
    03/08/20 - Google

    Louisa and the team at Aardvark have been doing our accounting for a few years. They respond to emails/phonecalls very... read more

    Adrian Mitchell Avatar
    Adrian Mitchell
    03/08/20 - Google

    We have been using Aardvark Accounting since 2017 and their service has always been professional and responsive. We found... read more

    Daniel Titterton Avatar
    Daniel Titterton
    03/07/20 - Google

    I own a limited company and have been with Aardvark Accounting for 2 years now and would highly recommend to... read more

  • Lionel Hives Avatar
    Lionel Hives
    03/07/20 - Google

    It took me 5 years to move accountant. We shift energy providers, internet and mobile companies all the time but... read more

    James Mugridge Avatar
    James Mugridge
    03/06/20 - Google

    Great accountancy model with helpful staff. Aardvark staff have been on hand through the formation of my company three years... read more

    Richard H-A Avatar
    Richard H-A
    03/06/20 - Google

    Having been a client for over 2 years, I can honestly say I have been really pleased with their service.... read more

    Sami Hoang Avatar
    Sami Hoang
    03/06/20 - Google

    Our company have been with Aardvark for a few years now and we have received professional service throughout. We... read more

  • Jesper Thomschutz Avatar
    Jesper Thomschutz
    03/06/20 - Google

    Excellent service with knowledgeable staff. Louisa in particular was very helpful from the start, and I can't recommend their services enough!

    Paula Taniguchi Avatar
    Paula Taniguchi
    03/04/20 - Google

    We are very pleased that we chose Aardvark as our accountants. We were new to contracting and they made everything... read more

    Sanjeet Matharu Avatar
    Sanjeet Matharu
    03/03/20 - Google

    Really helpful and a great service overall. I'm useless at accounting but I get tonnes of constructive help here -... read more

    linus mellumnav Avatar
    linus mellumnav
    03/03/20 - Google

    been with just over 3 months and have to say that they are incredibly responsive with queries, and proactive with... read more

  • Stuart Munro Avatar
    Stuart Munro
    03/03/20 - Google

    It's been a pleasure having Aardvark in our corner. Really appreciate all they do for us.

    Duncan Laurance Avatar
    Duncan Laurance
    03/03/20 - Google

    Having had a very poor experience with a previous Accounting Firm, I switched over to Aardvark halfway through my Tax... read more

    Tim Rady Avatar
    Tim Rady
    03/03/20 - Google

    Aardvark Accounting provided a fantastic, tailored service to me as an individual contractor managing a limited company. Communication has always... read more

    Alan Phillips Avatar
    Alan Phillips
    03/03/20 - Google

    I have been using Aardvark Accounting for a couple of years now, and have found their service to be excellent.... read more

  • Mitchell Slater Avatar
    Mitchell Slater
    03/03/20 - Google

    ✔ Fantastic service✔ Extremely competitive price✔ FreeAgentI have my own Ltd company and the guys at Aardvark are always happy... read more

    Craig Heath Avatar
    Craig Heath
    03/03/20 - Google

    I have been using Aardvark Accounting for over a year now. During this time they have proved to be very... read more

    Abdul Aziz Abdul Salam Avatar
    Abdul Aziz Abdul Salam
    03/03/20 - Google

    I started my first limited company with Aardvark Accounting and the experience has been so pleasant from start to finish.... read more

    Jonathan Godsell Avatar
    Jonathan Godsell
    03/03/20 - Google

    The Aardvark team have been nothing but helpful in seeing me through the first fews months of running a Ltd... read more

  • Andrew Easter Avatar
    Andrew Easter
    03/03/20 - Google

    As a technology consultant running my own business, I needed an accountancy service that I could rely on to handle... read more

    Naomi Ella Dureau Avatar
    Naomi Ella Dureau
    03/03/20 - Google

    Great service, knowledgeable, helpful accountants and user friendly accounting software! I highly recommend Aardvark Accounting.

    Tom Gallagher Avatar
    Tom Gallagher
    03/03/20 - Google

    We found Aardvark through the FreeAgent directory and our experience moving over to them was painless. Pricing is upfront and... read more

    Thomas Lewis Avatar
    Thomas Lewis
    03/03/20 - Google

    Been using them since I started contracting and they have always been very knowledgeable, quick to respond and also very... read more

  • Farhan Syed Avatar
    Farhan Syed
    03/03/20 - Google

    Aardvark provide a superb service, so much so, that I've recommended them to my colleagues.They are a responsive, professional, accurate... read more

    A Buckenhauser Avatar
    A Buckenhauser
    03/03/20 - Google

    Came recommended from my network and the service has been amazing. Swift and knowledgeable service. Already recommended Aardvark Accounting on... read more

    Owen Smith Avatar
    Owen Smith
    03/03/20 - Google

    Brilliant professional accounting service. They offer help whenever possible and actively go out of their way to accommodate any request... read more

    Luis Pereira Avatar
    Luis Pereira
    03/03/20 - Google

    It has been a very rewarding experience to work with Aardvark. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for... read more

  • Simon Wesseldine Avatar
    Simon Wesseldine
    03/03/20 - Google

    Excellent service with reasonable prices.Aardvark helped me at every step when starting up my own limited company, from setting up... read more

    Tara Nazare Avatar
    Tara Nazare
    03/03/20 - Google

    Lovely bunch of people. I'm glad I used them. I myself was persuaded by Google reviews and I can confirm... read more

    David Orelowitz Avatar
    David Orelowitz
    03/03/20 - Google

    I have been an Aardvark Accounting customer for approximately 6 months. They provide great value, are extremely helpful and fast... read more

    David Willis Avatar
    David Willis
    03/03/20 - Google

    Aardvark Accounting offers the best value for money service on the web for contractors managing their own Ltd companies. I... read more

  • Krystina Nellis Avatar
    Krystina Nellis
    03/03/20 - Google

    I enlisted Aardvark to set up and act as accountants for my first Limited Company as a contractor. From the... read more

    Flavio Pastano Avatar
    Flavio Pastano
    03/03/20 - Google

    I moved to Aardvark from another accountant and since then i haven't had any issue at all. Whenever i have... read more

    Will Myddelton Avatar
    Will Myddelton
    03/03/20 - Google

    My colleague recommended Aardvark to me when I set up my own limited company for the first time and was... read more

    Aniko Lelovics Avatar
    Aniko Lelovics
    03/03/20 - Google

    I've come across Aardvark a few months ago when I setting up my limited company as a contractor. I decided... read more

  • Louise Boulton Avatar
    Louise Boulton
    03/03/20 - Google

    I've been using Aardvark since 2017. When I was looking for an accountancy service I spoke to several possible providers... read more

    Andras Spitzer Avatar
    Andras Spitzer
    03/03/20 - Google

    I'm a Sr. IT professional who just recently started my own company and since I had no previous accounting experience... read more

    Christina Clark Avatar
    Christina Clark
    03/03/20 - Google

    Excellent and comprehensive service with clear charges and quick responses. It's taken a weight off my shoulders!

    Kim Goddard Avatar
    Kim Goddard
    03/03/20 - Google

    Patience of saints and great service. Particular shout out to Diane and Tim for their service!

  • Mitzi Wyman Avatar
    Mitzi Wyman
    03/03/20 - Google

    I had been experiencing problems with previous accountants and came across Aardvark. They were amazing in helping me to sort... read more

    Joi Patel Avatar
    Joi Patel
    03/03/20 - Google

    I can not recommend Louisa and her team enough. Louisa helped me set up my limited company and helped me... read more

    Andrew Nicoll Avatar
    Andrew Nicoll
    03/03/20 - Google

    Using them has been easy from day one, With quick responses and knowledgable staff they are always able to help... read more

    Tom Winton Avatar
    Tom Winton
    03/03/20 - Google

    Since joining Aardvark Accounting the service and support has been second to none. Each communication gets a very quick and... read more

  • Francesco Tatullo Avatar
    Francesco Tatullo
    03/03/20 - Google

    I have used the services provided by Aardvark for everything from getting my company set up to the VAT return... read more

    Sonia Dunckley Avatar
    Sonia Dunckley
    03/03/20 - Google

    I have been with Aardvark Accounting for a few months now and I can honestly say I have had a... read more

    David Zack Avatar
    David Zack
    03/03/20 - Google

    I have been using Aardvark for some time now. I switched over from another accounting firm and am very happy... read more

    ash kane Avatar
    ash kane
    03/03/20 - Google

    I have been dealing with Aardvark accounting for over 3 years and I can honestly say: their service is second... read more

  • Laszlo Kertesz Avatar
    Laszlo Kertesz
    03/03/20 - Google

    Louisa and her team at Aardvark set up my company when I started contracting in IT and has been invaluable... read more

    Jon-Paul Hughes Avatar
    Jon-Paul Hughes
    03/03/19 - Google

    I've been contracting for over ten years, and have never been happier since I moved to Aardvark. The accountancy... read more

    Nick Smith Avatar
    Nick Smith
    03/03/19 - Google

    When you set up as a new company, or a contractor, you suddenly open a door to a world... read more

    Jan Ming Avatar
    Jan Ming
    03/03/19 - Google

    I am very grateful to Aardvark as they took over from my previous unprofessional and incompetent accountant, yet Aardvark still... read more

  • David Doust Avatar
    David Doust
    03/03/19 - Google

    I moved my company over to Aardvark and their service has been exceptional, the team is so helpful and polite.... read more

    Nazar Ivasyuk Avatar
    Nazar Ivasyuk
    03/03/19 - Google

    I've been with Aardvark Accounting for 1.5 years and I think they are absolutely great. The communication is outstanding, I... read more

    Darren B Avatar
    Darren B
    03/03/19 - Google

    So far, so good - recently joined (will post another review after the first year) - have had very good,... read more

    Tom Tidswell Avatar
    Tom Tidswell
    03/03/19 - Google

    I moved to Aardvark from another accountants and the difference is incredible. A very personal service, very professional and always... read more

  • Dr Adrian Venables Avatar
    Dr Adrian Venables
    03/03/19 - Google

    I've been with Aardvark Accounting for a couple of years having moved from a more expensive accountant. For someone that... read more

    Anthony Jones Avatar
    Anthony Jones
    03/03/18 - Google

    Aardvark Accounting will go the extra mile to make sure you are on the right track and get to understand... read more

    Rehman Avatar
    03/03/18 - Google

    i have recently became self employed (IT contractor) and having a company like Aardvark is what i needed. They... read more

When you set up as a new company, or a contractor, you suddenly open a door to a world full of detail and choices – especially with taxes and finances. What to do? When to do it by? Who can you trust?

That’s where Aardvark Accounting are so brilliant; they make setting up your company straightforward and hassle-free, they explain your company money situation comprehensively and easily, and are excellent value for money.
Best of all, they are approachable and friendly and answer any question promptly, no matter how simple or numpty, and the accounting software they set you up with – FreeAgent – is superb and so easy to use. The mobile app it comes with is like having your company in your pocket at all times.

Give Aardvark Accounting a try, it’s a ray of sunshine in the grey world of accounting and company finances.

Nick Smith

Aardvark Accounting will go the extra mile to make sure you are on the right track and get to understand what you want to get out of your business.

Anthony Jones

I have recently became self employed (IT contractor) and having a company like Aardvark is what i needed. They have managed all my company set up, tax,etc and given me plenty of advice.

Most importantly no matter who I spoke too, they have all been very helpful.


I recently decided to transition my consulting company after 18-months with a mainstream ‘contractors accountancy’. I was tired of receiving a ‘blanket transactional’ service where the same advice and support was seemingly offered to all similar clients.

I also found that the amount of manual effort associated with book-keeping to be impacting the day-to-day operation of my business.

It was therefore with some trepidation that I decided to effect a transition in the middle of my current accounting year. I had looked at the emergence of FreeAgent as a better way to manage my business activities and after reaching out to a number of ‘certified FreeAgent accountants’ settled on Aardvark Accounting.

Within a week of commencing with Louisa, I had my first six months of trading (invoices, expenses, banking and returns) established in the FreeAgent application, prior accounting errors had been rectified, new operating recommendations discussed and actioned and all this during a period where I was both changing my long-term banking arrangements and incredibly busy at a key stage of a large transformation project for a core client.

Nothing is too much trouble, advice is regular, incisive and personal in fact, I would go as far as to say that accounting is no longer a burden but a benefit for the future health of my business. I have already saved hundreds of pounds and reduced my ongoing accounting effort substantially.

I would recommend (and have already recommended) Aardvark to any business out there where a personal touch, appropriate taxation and fiscal advice, effective mobile accounting tools and cost-effectiveness are a key items in your next accounting company selection.

Simon Gratton of CTO Advisors Ltd